Welcome to the Popeye's Supplements Natural Classic. Sanctioned by the Canadian Physique Alliance, this regional championship is open to all Canadians aged 18 and over, who wish to start or continue their journey in the world of fitness.

The Popeye's Supplements Natural Classic is a tested natural championship. Athletes placing Top 3 in their class (with the exception of True Novice classes) will also be qualified for the Canadian Natural Pro Qualifier to be held on August 3rd in Toronto!

From its first edition, this championship has been a great success. A success that is largely based on the trust you place in us. Rest assured that we look forward to seeing you again and just like you, we are ambitious to take up a new challenge and make this 5th edition unforgettable!


Popeye's Supplements is the largest sports nutrition retailer in Canada. We offer solutions to the customer who wants to improve their health, no matter what their goal is. Popeye's Supplements' outstanding success over the years has come not only from hard work, but also from providing our customers with optimal solutions and results. Popeye's Supplements is the most powerful name in the Canadian sports nutrition industry.

With over 2000 products from over 70 different companies, we offer you the best natural products from the best companies in Quebec and Canada.

In such a context, it is not surprising to see Popeye's associated with many local events. The objective is always the same: to support the athletes coming from the four corners of the country.

Popeye's makes it a point to be there for those who think of themselves and put their health first. We are committed to supporting active people who devote time and effort to becoming better versions of themselves.

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